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Ayala Borten Online

Ayala Borten

אילה בורטן

Ayala Borten was born in Israel. There, her interest in art was discovered when she was twelve. She was sent to study at the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem and the Art department of the Open University of Jerusalem. She is currently studying with Elena Flerova, a Russian master artist of the renaissance style.


She works in oil, acrylics, watercolors, and multi-media. Her works vary from political and religious connotations to light and soulful depictions, and from strikingly bold colors to soft flowing pastels, which are always beautifully blended and balanced.

In the last few years, she has had numerous shows in which she has won two awards.

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Ayala Borten is an artist creating art in New York. From Israel, she is Israeli, makes Judaica Jewish Religious art. Her Jew paintings politics political romantic angels angel are art. Landscapes Jewish and Judaica art. Ayala Borten is an Israeli artist. One of Artists in Israel exhibition, exhibitions paint art. Ayala Borten creates art.
אילה בורטן

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